Date:   August 17, 2012

The unusual physical demands that a pregnant uterus places upon the other supporting structures in the body can provide for increased pain in many otherwise healthy, active women.  Lower back pain, sacroiliac pain, and the all-too-familiar anterior pelvic pain from the pubic symphysis can make the last trimester very uncomfortable.  Since taking pain relievers is often discouraged, many women suffer through these weeks without realizing that pregnancy physical therapy might provide much-needed relief.  Carrie has personally experienced these symptoms during her pregnancies and found aquatic pregnancy physical therapy exercise very helpful to manage her pain.  Submersion in even a shallow pool can reduce weight on the legs and spine by up to 50-75% depending upon the depth of water and height of the patient.  The compressive nature of the aquatic environment also aids circulation and lymphatic flow for fluid retention in feet and ankles.  Carrie has extensive experience working with pregnant patients and uses a very safe and gentle manual therapy approach along with exercise to aid these patients with their pain and pelvosacral issues.

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