Date:   September 24, 2012

Aquatic Therapy is one of the most beneficial forms of Physical Therapy for many patients because of the qualities that water offers.  Water naturally provides buoyancy, compression and a gravity-reduced environment.  Studies have also shown that exercising in the water can improve a patient’s psychological outlook if performed regularly.  Aquatic Therapy usually occurs  in a warm-water pool (>83 degrees Celcius) and involves a guided and comprehensive exercise program and sometimes manual therapy.  Even patients who do not know how to swim or very young children can participate in Aquatic Therapy.  By using the unique properties of the water, specific resistive equipment and the right combination of exercises and treatment, most patients see a drastic reduction in their pain symptoms or improvement in their developmental concerns within a few sessions.  Carrie is a well-known Aquatic Physical Therapist and has served on the APTA’s Aquatic Section Board of Directors in addition to having presented research and lectures related to this field for many years.

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